Art compositions for C1 Hotel 

With just 20 days to go, we are working on the custom made batik compositions for our up coming hospitality space. 

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Residential Design for a loft space in Mount Lavinia.

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da Vinci said it best: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Living in an apartment and/or small space often requires you to get back to basics — when there’s no room for clutter, simplicity must rule.

Keeping simplicity as our key directive this space was visualised and designed to suite clients looking for luxury and comfort. A modern tropical thematic was used to style the decorative elements of the space, creating a contemporary islanders loft.

Here’s a few tips and pointers, through our experience with this project, on what to do when designing your own apartment:

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of High-Low design. A Room will still balance out evenly when you mix different levels of price and craftsmanship.
  2. Invite nature indoors; from driftwood to a little greenery. Natural elements indoors will help balance the fine lines created by your furniture.
  3. It’s always better to go see items such as rugs and carpets in person, rather than order online. You don’t want to order a champagne beige rug and get something that’s ivory cream! Tone matters!! Not to mention the texture of these items could be totally different to what you envisioned.
  4. Put investment pieces front and centre! If you truly love something put it on display.  Use and enjoy your collection of antiques and unique finds.
  5. Look to your ceiling to brighten things up!  Lighting is key to creating a successful space, and the options now available are endless. Layer your lighting, giving each room general light, accent light & task light.

Hope these help!

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Young minds matter!

It’s always wonderful to spend time with AOD students and be a part of their journey.  As the saying goes: The road to success is always under construction! So be who you needed when you were growing up and keep building those young minds!! 

On a side note – super excited for C1 Hotels opening in December. Few more days to go! #hustle #ladyneon #wegotthis #bestclients #ITSGOINGTOBEAWESOME 💎


I’ve had the unique privilege to be a part of this year-end design venture, every year since I first graduated from AOD. Over the years we have seen the event expand and the team grow to achieve greater things. My first role, back when it was #sldf was to be the head event designer’s (Joel Rapp’s) assistant. This year I was their #showproducer . Absolutely humbled and blessed. Mindblown by how far things have come and how our young designer’s and creative’s are challenging the norm. MBFW has become a great platform, putting Sri Lankan talent on the map. Cheers to all the madness and the wonderful people met ♥️